A Prototype Index of Cure-Oriented Spinal Cord Injury Research with
Analysis and Perspectives from Leading Researchers


Research Index
Major Categories of Cure-Oriented Spinal Cord Injury Research accompanied by background information, analysis, projections and updates on human trials or clinical applications where applicable:
A. Neuroprotection
B. Accelerating Recovery
C. Optimizing function of surviving axons
D. Remyelination of axons
E. Regenerative Therapies
Note: We invite researchers and interested persons to add to the index either as to major categories or subsets or any portions therein.
Key Advances in Scientific Methods:
Science’s Changing Capacity to Do Research

A Summary of Progress for Cure-Oriented Research
for Persons with Chronic Spinal Cord Injury

Key Funding Issues

1. An Overview of Funding Sources for Cure-Oriented Research.

2. Understanding How Labs Must become Champions of Promising Therapies.
3. The Cost of Caring for the Spinal Injured (U.S. Only)
versus the Cost of Cure: The Case for Greater Research Funding.
4. 1996 Legislative Agenda.

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